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LB a.k.a. Lauren Beth Stein a.k.a. Lady Blaze a.k.a. Pam TERROR!, has been performing since she was a child going all the way back to her parents’ living room. LB started Hula Hooping at the age of 16 because it enlightened her soul; she quickly fell in love with it and never stopped. LB has been performing all of over the east coast with hoops as well as teaching hoops now for over a decade. Her skill set includes: Hooping including LED hoops and fire hoops. Other fire tools include poi, fans, gyrodoop, long- string orb, sword, staff, flowersticks, flowwand, rope dart, parasol, triads, palm torches, fire fingers, the world's one and only Lady Blaze scorcher Fire Roller skates, and breathing and eating. LB is also an expert stilt walker standing at a whopping 8’ tall.

LB can most often be seen performing solo, as part of a partner routine or with Cosmic Karma Fire and the New Haven Circus Collective. LB has also performed with Ravenbane Firecraft, Firewormz, and Matica Circus Arts. She is also a puppeteer with Waking Dream Giant Puppets. When not performing LB in the past has been found on roller skates bouting for the CT Roller Girls as Pam TERROR! # 9.

Along with performing and skating, LB is the owner of LBSpinnerZ ArtZ. She also works with children leading field trips, after school programs and birthday parties. Additionally LB holds an associate’s degree in early childhood education, a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in mental health, and a master’s degree in recreation and leisure studies management administration. She is also a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant www.marykay.com/LBStein


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1. Lady Blaze started performing as a puppeteer her senior year of high school

2. LB got her first pair of roller skates at age 7

3. Lady Blaze was one of the original CT fire spinners starting in 2002

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